Cartoon Character Voices Made Easy with AI Voice Generators

Cartoon Character Voices Made Easy with AI Voice Generators


Ever been fascinated by cartoon character voices? Well, you are not alone. At some point, we all wonder how cartoon producers can bring so much life to cartoon characters so that they can express themselves inwardly and outwardly. Cartoon content creators use artificial intelligence technology to process synthetic voices that mimic human voices. The technology then converts written texts into speech. This article takes you through the process of generating cartoon voices using AI voice generators that are used to convert text to voice.

What is a cartoon character's voice?

A cartoon character's voice is a speech that depicts how a specific cartoon character talks, feels and expresses emotion to personify the character they depict. The voice is usually animated with theatrics and exaggerated body movements. The voice comes out dramatically and so obviously different from the usual standard voice of people in similar real-life situations.

Cartoon character voice generator: what is it?

Cartoon character voice generators aid in producing cartoon character voice generators. A cartoon character voice generator is a tool that helps to convert written text into speech that fits cartoon characters. This is an invaluable technology with features like a character voice generator, voice customization tools, and text-to-speech converters. Below are some of the best cartoon character voice generators;


This open-source community of voice AI allows content creators to make over 5000+ distinct cartoon voices. It offers a fun and customized voice that imitates a celebrity or even oneself's voice.

Uberduck has audio and video features that allow for the conversion of text to audio, text to image, and grapheme to phoneme conversion amongst other uses.  

To use Uberduck, visit its website and register using your smartphone or computer. To log in, you will need a Gmail, Discord, or account. Then enter the text you want to be synthesized and select a voice actor. Hit the synthesize button and download the mp3 file to upload where you need it.

Follow these steps to get started with Uberduck:
Step 1: Enter the page and click "Text to Speech".

Step 2: In "Choose a voice", the first column is the name of the corresponding animation theme, and the second column is the subdivision of various characters in each animation theme.

Step 3: Paste the text to be converted into the text box and click "Synthesize "z to convert it into audio.

Step 4: Below the text box pops up y audio point play button. Listen to the effect of conversion.

Step 5: Click "Action" in "Download" to save the audio locally.

You can choose the cartoon voice from these options:

  • Annoying orange
  • Peppa piggy
  • Pink Deppy Poo
  • SkullGirls
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Spooky Month
  • Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion
  • Sportscasters
  • Spyro the Dragon
  • Available platforms: Online


FineVoice is another amazing AI voice generator. It uses artificial intelligence to convert people’s voices into real-time voices. It has the following features: real-time voice changer effects, a text-to-speech converter, a high-quality voice recorder, and multiple sound effects.

In order to use FineVoice, you need to download and launch the voice-over app. Continue to select the sound effect you want and custom-make the diverse soundboard categories that you need. You can then use the soundboard to stream live videos on other apps.

Follow these steps to get started with FineVoice:

Step 1: Enter the page and select "Text to Speech", then it will jump directly to the operation page.

Step 2: Paste the text in the text box, select "AI engine" and "Language", and choose the cartoon sound type in "Category". In "Voice", you can select the character "Judy Hopps" or "Nick Wilde" in the corresponding category.

Step 3: Click "Convert Now" to start the conversion after you have made your choice.

Step 4: When finished, click the play button to listen and check, and click "View" to open the folder where the audio is located automatically. Continue conversion by clicking "Convert another".

Available platforms: Windows


This creative production tool makes it possible to give characters fake imaginative voices. The website was previously known as Vocodes but was later rebranded to the current name.

Its unique features include more than 3200 voices and availability in more than 22 languages, making it very viable for creating diverse fake voices. Each type of content is perfectly suited to any of the many options on this website.

To use this voice generator, go to their website, sign up to create an account, and then log in. Select and type away the voice that you want. Click on the 'speak' button to gauge the output. If satisfied with the result, download and use it however you wish.

Follow these steps to get started with Fake You:

Step 1: Go to the page and select the language in the box below "language".

Step 2: In voice, there are 405 types of sounds. Next, in "Category", the first column is the name of the corresponding animation theme, and the second column is the subdivision of characters in each animation theme. For example, "Mickey Mouse and Pals".

Step 3: Paste the text into the "Your Text" text box and click "Speak" to convert it to audio.

Step 4: Wait a few seconds for the conversion to complete, then click the red play button on the right of the text box and play the converted audio.

Step 5: Click "Share & Download" below the audio bar and then click "Download File" to save the file. You can copy and share the audio link in the Share this audio section if you want to share.

Fake You provides a variety of animation sounds, such as:

  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • American Dad!
  • Animaniacs
  • Avatar The Last Airbender.
  • Ben 10
  • Big City Greens

Available platforms: Online


This is another real-time AI voice changer allowing unlimited voice access in the voice universe. Voice Universe is a UGC voice library that enables endless possibilities when choosing cartoon voices.

Voice.AI has the following features: API, activity dashboard, audio capture, automatic call distribution, automatic transcription, CRM, call centre management, and call monitoring. All these features enhance the user experience with the AI voice generator.

One has to download the app from the voice.AI website and then allow permissions to enable installation. Proceed to accept TOS and accept voice.AI.exe. Complete the registration process and use the UGC voice options as required.

Follow these steps to get started with Voice.AI:

Step 1: Click on the middle icon to select the type of sound you need. Click "Train" when you are done, and then click "Use" to start using it.

Step 2: Click the first microphone icon on the left to start recording or the up arrow icon on the far right to upload a file to convert to sound.

Step 3: Wait for the audio processing to finish, then click Play to try it out.

Step 4: Save the audio by clicking the file icon behind it, and delete the audio by selecting the trash icon.

It provides a variety of animation sounds, such as:

  • Kyu Sugardust
  • Goku
  • Cartman
  • Flora
  • Peter Griffin
  • Chamber
  • Morty Smith
  • Rick Sanchez

Available platforms: Windows, Mac, ios, Android


This AI voice generator tool helps creatives unleash their creativity potential by allowing online conversion of images, videos, and audio. It converts texts to speech like several other voice generator AI tools.

Its top features include an online voice changer, text-to-speech converter, background, and watermark remover.

This is an online tool. To use it, visit the website and choose the text-to-speech option. Select your choice languages of input and output and the desired voice type. Hit 'convert' and download the resulting file to use accordingly.

Follow these steps to get started with TopMedia AI:

Step 1: Visit the TopMedia AI website to see "Online Tools" in the navigation bar.

Step 2: Click the "Online Tools" button and find the text-to-speech option in the drop-down list.

Step 3: Choose the input language and output language.

Step 4: Select cartoon character voice types from the given list.

This site provides many interesting cartoon character voices, including:

  • Memes, Super Mario
  • Family Guy, a Bug's Life
  • 12 oz. Mouse, a Certain Magical Index
  • A Hat in Time
  • Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  • 3D Movie Maker
  • Abby Hatcher
  • Adventure Time
  • Adventures of the Little Koala

Step 5: Pick up the specific voice you need. For example, you have selected Super Mario in the last step. Now you can choose the character voices such as Baby Mario, Bowser, Luigi, King Koopa, etc.

Step 6: Input the text that you want to convert to speech.

Step 7: Click the "Convert" button to process the cartoon character's voice.

Step 8: Press the "Play" button to enjoy the sound and save it for fun.

Available Platforms: Online

iMyFone VoxBox

This simple-to-use voice generator is used on gadgets with Windows OS. It records voices using mixers or a microphone recorder and then digitizes them into various formats it supports. It enhances emphasis, pitch, and pauses.

The main feature of this tool is the text-to-speech AI technology which converts text into speech. This voice generator is simple to use. Download and install the voiceover app. Record the voice that you want and edit, then generate the voice.

Follow these steps to get started with iMFone VoxBox:

Step 1: Download & Install iMFone VoxBox on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Start recording by clicking the "Voice Recorder" button. Hit the voice button again if you want to pause the recording.

Step 3: Click "Stop Recording", and the record will be finished.

Step 4: You can listen to your work on the recording list. If you are unsatisfied with the part of your recording, you can edit it by deleting some clips.

Step 5: Select the voice type, then choose the voice you want.

Step 6: Input the text content you want to make into audio files.

Step 7: Customize the voiceover audio by adjusting settings such as Pause, Speed, Emphasis, Pitch, and Volume.

Step 8: Play it first to see if you are satisfied with the result. Then export it on your desktop.

Available platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS


This voice generator has the easiest concept. You record your voice and tap on a cartoon to hear them repeat your words. You can use any cartoon character you want and record and share as many videos as possible.

Some of the features of this voice generator are a library of cartoons, text-speech conversion, and repeat-after-me. It also has a touch function that allows one to hear the cartoon voice after the recording.

To use, touch the cartoon character of your choice, record the voice, and listen to the recording in the animated character's voice.

Follow these steps to get started with Voice Tooner:

Step 1: Download the Voice Tooner from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Open the app and create a new recording to record your speech.

Step 3: You can touch any character once the record is finished. They will repeat what you said. This app supports both free and premium voice effects. And each character has a different voice!

Currently, the free voice effects include the following:
Hamster, Robot, Extraterrestrial, Monkey with microphone, Rabbit, Low battery, Devil, Helium, Dark cyborg, Duck, Giant, Smiling Poop, Overlord, Drunk, Zombie, Monster, Alien, Ogre, Squirrel, Backwards Super Robot, Tough guy, Death.

Step 4: Save the voice generated by Voice Toon and use it for video creation.

Available platforms: iOS and Android

Typecast is an AI that converts your video content into realistic videos with avatars and artificial voices. It is an effective voice synthesizer and text reader voice-generating tool.

As for the features, it has over 300+ voice professional voiceovers you can choose from when creating voices for your video. It also has several templates for converting text to voice. Lastly, it has human-like avatars that take over the narrations in the video.

To use, you have to create an account or opt to log in as a guest. The guest options allow users to use the service anonymously. On the left side of the resulting tab is an option to create new content. Click on the desired character option and 'add actor' to continue your content creation.

Follow these steps to get started with

Step 1: Sign up for

Step 2: Choose the video creation type from the options, including Storytelling, Presentation, and Product Marketing.

Step 3: Once you choose the video type, you can create a new project for it.

Step 4: Click "Add Character" to open the Character Casting box where you can customize your character with many features.

  • Visual Type: you can create a Virtual Human or an animation character for your video. You need to choose an animation type to use cute cartoon voices.
  • Animation voice options: Over 15 cartoon character voices are provided. You can choose from Aiden, Patrick, Jodie, Athena, Abigail, Philip, Lindsay, Ben, Betty, Doughnut, Camila, Glenda, Cindy, etc.

Step 5: Type down your script and let voice over for your video.

Step 6: Premium users can have more room to adjust voiceovers, such as Tone, Speech Pace, Intonation, Tempo, and Pitch.

Step 7: Save your project and download it whenever you need.

Available platforms: Online

Uses of an AI-generated cartoon character voice

You may choose to use AI-generated cartoon character voices for several reasons. Some of these are such as when you need animated videos. There are several instances in which animated videos come in handy, such as when the consumer audience is children. Since it is easier to consume animated content than standard content, you may need to use AI-generated cartoon voices.

The cartoon character voices are also important while creating video games. A nicely animated voice will help the video be more attractive and easily consumable by the target audience.

The other use of AI-generated cartoon character voices is setting up chatbots and virtual assistant characters. These take up roles that a real human would take to explain online steps and processes in a cartoon theme that needs an AI-generated voice.

Finally, AI-generated cartoon character voices are useful when making audiobooks and podcasts. The voices are intonated and dramatized to fit into the specific desired themes. Also, podcasters find these voices important as they help to convert their written content into audio.

AI Voiceover Vs. Human Voice Actor?

AI voiceover is the order of the day today since it is cheap, easily manageable, and less time-consuming. On the other hand, human actors are expensive to hire, train, and voice coach to fit into the desired roles. It is no wonder that you would prefer to use AI-generated cartoon character voices as a content creator today.

Closing Thoughts

The use of AI-generated cartoon character voices will soon take over the industry. It is important to accept this technology and its advancement as it will help us easily accept the impact it will have in the content creation industry soon.