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$6 to get 1,000,000 characters for 24 hours.

$6.00 1,000,000 Characters For 24 hours

$19 to get 2,000,000 characters for 1 Month.

$19.00 2,000,000 Characters For 1 month / No ads

$99 to get 10,000,000 characters for 1 Year.

$99.00 10 million Characters For 1 year / No ads

No subscriptions, no auto-recurring, no sign up. Pay as you go.

6,000 characters are not enough for text to mp3? Try the premium service and get 1,000,000 characters for 24 hours by paying only $6. As low as $0.0006 for every 100 characters. Payment secured by PayPal.

For Monthly / Yearly members, please go to Member Zone and verify your email address (Your PayPal Email Address) to refresh your remaining characters. No matter where and when, use your email address to get your characters and enjoy the TTS services. New

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